The Importance of Having a Dedicated Business Number for Your Company


It makes perfect sense to have a business phone number. A dedicated business phone number is not only necessary to attract more sales, but will also improve the customer’s perception.

A dedicated business number is also a good idea for staff professionalism, privacy, security and protection against opportunistic con artists.

This article will help you to understand the potential negative effects of using your home or mobile number when making business calls.

Plus, if you think it’s too late to switch numbers now – wrong. You can always update your contact information online and in your marketing materials.

Why use a business number?

Here are the top five reasons why you should switch to a business phone number.

Privacy and Security

Prioritize your privacy and the security of your employees. Your business number will allow you to keep your personal number for friends, family and service providers.

If you post your mobile or home phone number on your website, social media profiles and Google Business profile as well as online directories you will never know who might call you.

Scammers have been active in the past few months, trying to separate you from your cash. They can then contact you using all kinds of scams, to get information about you, which they will later use to either impersonate, or steal from you. steal your identity.

You should only give out your personal phone number to people who you know. Use a business number – which can be ported to your home phone line and mobile for business calls.

Customer Perception of Your Business

If you have a dedicated business number, anyone answering the phone will be able to respond in a professional manner. You will probably be caught off guard if you answer your personal phone number. This could leave a negative impression with the caller who might be a potential customer.

Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

You could be giving your personal number to a lot of people, especially with marketing campaigns that can reach large audiences. Today, most marketing is done digitally and online. Email, site messaging and live chat are the main contact channels. But some people want to talk to a person in real time!

Answer calls inbound from anywhere

You don’t need to be bound to a fixed line connection anymore. Your business number can be set up to redirect calls to any phone number.

This happens without the caller knowing or experiencing any delays. You can choose to have your calls answered at your office, your home number or your mobile, as you wish.

Get More Sales

Cleartone Communications is a leading provider of communications equipment. business telephone numbersIf you choose a number for your business, it will bring in more calls.

The cost of calling a local business number is lower

You may want to switch your mobile number as soon as you can to get more sales inquiries.

The calls will be transferred to your mobile number so that you won’t be inconvenienced. 🙂

Even better than standard business numbers is a free-call number. If the call is free then customers will use it. Just imagine if you can generate three times as many sales inquiries by phone as you would – how would that improve your sales?

Give Callers Additional Services

There are also a number of features that will keep your customers happy, such as

  • Music on Hold
  • WhatsApp Business Integration
  • Missed calls alerts
  • Business voicemail services

Selecting A Business Number

Switching to a dedicated number for your business will therefore benefit you. improve sales inquiries Other benefits include ensuring privacy. We’ll look at the best way to select a business phone number.

Make it memorable

One of the essential aspects of publishing a business number – as opposed to a home telephone number or a mobile number – is that it should be more memorable.

A memorable business phone number can make a huge difference if you want to be recognized and associated with professional services.

Remember that purchasing a company number will improve your professionalism when you meet with clients and visitors to your website.

The correct area code is important

Not all business phone numbers have a local area-code. A 0800 number is a good example. It has no geographical connection and can be used by a company that operates locally or nationally.

A local area code can be beneficial for firms who work in a particular town or city. In the UK for instance, you would use the prefix 029 to indicate Cardiff or 0161 to indicate Manchester.

If you don’t own a business in the area, you can still get an area code. You can get a 0207 London number, for example.