Tips for Enhancing Your Instagram Content Strategy: What to Do and What to Avoid


Content is an essential part of every marketing activity. Social media marketing does not make an exception. content strategy Social media requires a lot of detail.

The promoted posts and automatic promotion methods will bring new audiences to your Instagram account, but it is your content that will keep them there and encourage them to buy your products or services.

This article will help you determine what to do and not to do when developing your content strategy.


What you should do before, during, and after developing your Instagram strategy.

Understand your audience and competitors

This is the foundation of any digital marketing strategy. Effective content is based on a thorough understanding of your audience. Do your research to find out more about your target audience before you plan captions, Videos, or Stories. Visit their profiles to get to know them. Communicate with them through comments, live streaming, Stories and similar. Simple: Do all you can to understand and know those people.

You don’t have the time to run your own business. develop a marketing strategy You don’t think that you can do anything in a vacuum? Then you need to track and analyze what your competitors do as well – how they communicate with their followers, what content they make and how often, why they do it, and so on. You’ll discover your own weak points by analyzing them. You will be able to take their best ideas and throw out the rest.

To do a basic competition analysis on InstagramFind businesses that are relevant by using hashtags or other keywords. Visit their accounts, and let them know what you enjoy and dislike about their content. Imagine you are their client. What would your response be to their content? While planning your content, do this little exercise as well – always put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer.

Plan ahead

Or almost everything. You will be able to see what works and what doesn’t when you plan the Instagram content. It’s funny how everything looks perfect in our heads, but once we get it down on paper (or Instagram in this case), we may find that it isn’t as great as we had imagined. While you can draft Instagram posts using your smartphone, this is not the most convenient way to do it. Or you can use special Instagram planning tools like Combin Scheduler – a free Instagram planner.

Combin Scheduler lets you plan Instagram stories and posts to be auto-published. You can plan your content for weeks, months, or even days in advance and it will still be published on Instagram at the exact minute you want. All you need to do is to select an image, date and time, write and format a caption if you want, add a location or hashtags – the app will do the rest for you.

Story planning is now easier than ever. Simply select the necessary files and set a publishing date. The publication of one or more Stories is automatic.

This tool will save you time by allowing you to post even if you do not have access to your account.

Your content should be aligned with your business.

You need to first test several different versions of the formula before you can come up with one that works. It’s not difficult to do if you have a good understanding of your audience. The audience is important, but it’s not all you need to consider. Correlate your content with your business to make it more convincing, unique, and resonant. Marketing agencies and other consulting services often use long captions, as well as informative videos. This is fine, as their main objective on Instagram tends to be to attract clients by displaying their expertise. Clothing brands, let’s say lingerie retailers, do not focus too much on captions. They are more concerned with the visual design of their page.

Visual concept as the focus

Instagram is still a visual platform. To interest genuine followers, no matter your business, your account should be visually attractive – have a unique conceptual style. They look more aesthetic, and they usually attract more followers.

Combin Scheduler’s in-app calendar allows you to preview grid layout and style your feed however you like.


Next, let’s look at things that you absolutely should not do when working on your Instagram content strategy.

Copy your competitors’ content

Analyze what your competitors do to learn from their mistakes and successes. The content does not have to be a copy. No need to publish your name next to an article written by your competitor. You can adapt the article and make changes to it according to your needs. The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. audience’s needs.

Be boring

Instagram is so full of exciting features for creating content – IGTV, various Stories stickers, polls, quizzes, chats, and so on. Test and use all of them. If your content bores people, they won’t respond. Instagram, recognizing that your content is not engaging, will show it to a lesser number of users. Your account will suffer from poor engagement and a drop in followers. Keep an eye on your account to prevent this. latest Instagram trends You can implement them.

Be consistent

You can choose to post at a certain time or you can change the look of your profile. Or, you can communicate with your followers. To appear in your audience’s feed, post regularly but not too often – up to two times a day is fine. Instagram analytics will help you to determine what time of day is best for your posts.

Your followers should be able to recognize your brand voice and the way you speak to them. Your customers should be able to recognize the voice of your brand and how you communicate with them. Don’t ignore captions – these are a simple way of talking to people and promoting your account organically.

Be Spammy

Do not post just because you want to. Be respectful of your audience, but focus on quality, not quantity.

Social marketing is a waste of time.

The Instagram strategy must always be part of your overall digital marketing plan. Instagram marketing should be developed to achieve your goals.

Don’t forget special tools for Instagram marketing.